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... Established in 2018

Who Runs Brand My Tube?


My name is Benzy Darling and yes, I started Brand My Tube. I am a talented, qualified, experienced, certified Graphic Designer, Producer, Voice Artist & Entrepreneur with over 10 Years’ experience in the TV and Radio Production industry.

After watching some of the channels that I was following struggling with graphical and production elements (Trust me I have a keen eye for good and bad graphics), I created a service that helps content creators with Video Editing / Production, Channel Graphics and all other imaginable post production needs.

So they can spend time doing more important things like creating more content, boost their creativity, do more research, spend more time with family etc.

That’s when the idea of Brand My Tube came to me.

Today we are a team of 26 Graphics Designers and Producers (not counting the management and support staff) and we are still growing! All dedicated to helping creators to create stunning content!

We look forward to working with you too.

Benzy Darling 72

CEO / Creator / Founder


“To Help Creators all over the World without Graphics / Production Skills & Time to Create Great Stunning Content”


Do less, Think & Create more.


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